Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Modeling a Female Hero in ZBrush 4 and Maya [FS] [FP]

Modeling a Female Hero in ZBrush 4 and Maya  [FS] [FP]


Digital-Tutors - Modeling a Female Hero in ZBrush 4 and Maya 2012
Duration: 6h 20m | Video: VP6 (.flv) 1280x720 | Audio: MP3 44.1KHz mono | 2.82 GB
Genre: eLearning

In this tutorial we will build a high-resolution female hero character from scratch using ZBrush and Maya.
Throughout this detailed tutorial, we'll leverage the power of ZBrush and Maya to build a strong female hero character from start to finish. We'll use Zspheres to block in the rough shape of our model and then send our geometry over to Maya using the one-click GoZ functionality. In Maya, we can recreate the topology of any of our pieces, we can create new geometry to send back to ZBrush, or modify existing geometry. We'll be going back and forth quite a bit in order to use the tools most appropriate for building the character's clothing and accessories. In addition to the modeling tools in Maya, we'll also use many of ZBrush's built in modeling functions including Shadowbox, mesh extraction, and the topology tools. Once we're done, we'll have a finished high-resolution character that can be painted or prepared for rigging, and you'll have the knowledge to repeat the process on your own character.

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